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2021 Q1

Batch Gift Entry Added support for fund allocations at the payment-level with the KELL Fund Allocations package. Learn more.
Document Generation Sublist record groups can now link detail objects via reference fields other than the main object's Id field. Learn more.
Bug Fix: Date:MonthValue fields weren't being rendered correctly in Word merges.
Bug Fix: When creating a "separate files for each record" PDF or Word merge file for just a single record, the generated document wasn't correctly using the "Field to use as File name".
Bug Fix: Emoji in generated excel merges no longer cause corrupted xlsx files.
Bug Fix: Some PDF merges were appending extra blank pages at the end of the document.
MailGun Connector The MailGun Connector now supports sending emails with attachments. Learn more.

2020 Wrapup

All changes from 2020 can be found here.

2019 Wrapup

All changes from 2019 can be found here.

May 2019

Dedupe and Match Allow for Owner, Created By and Last Modified By fields in master rules
"Master record score must be unique" checkbox added to the master rules panel. Read more.
Email & Document Generation Allow polymorphic lookup fields (e.g., Task.WhatId) as linkage targets from sublists
Apsona now recognizes a Permmission Set with API name Apsona_Allow_Merge_Action_Editing. If this permission set is assigned to a user, the user is allowed to edit merge actions even if she is a non-admin. Read more.
Multi-step reports Support for linkages on email address and phone number fields
Scheduler Behavior change: Reports delivered in CSV format now us CR-LF as separator instead of just LF, to be consistent with CSV standards

April 2019

Apsona for Salesforce New lookup field editor that makes editing lookups much easier. Read more.
Mass update now uses searchable dropdowns for field selection, and has a newer tabbed UI. It includes the ability to download a csv with old and new values. Read more.
In the filter builder, we now allow "in filter" for the current object and for self-referential lookups in the current object. E.g., you can find Campaigns whose child Campaigns are in a certain filter.
In the configurations list (accessed via Settings - Configurations), indicate current user's profile with an asterisk
in the configurations list, if the current user's profile has no connfiguration, show a warning message
Email & Document Generation SFDC formula fields now allowed as source for "to" email in the merge-mail popup

March 2019

Email & Document Generation When you generate email messages, the field that is mapped to the "To" address can now contain multiple email addresses separated by commas. In such cases, the message is sent to all those email addresses.
"Text before" and "Text after" options are now supported. Read more.
Appending content from PDF attachments stored as Lightning Files is now supported. Read more.
Reports The "Visualize" function now includes the ability to summarize by Fiscal Years and Fiscal Quarters. See screen shot below.

February 2019

Document generation The Excel generator can now produce multiple Excel files in one run. Read more.
In the docx generator, the available "System Fields" list now includes the user's phone.
When you generate email messages, the field that is mapped to the "To" address can now contain multiple email addresses separated by commas. In such cases, the message is sent to all those email addresses.
Email composition The Compose Email popup (invoked via Tools - Compose Email for Contacts and Leads) now includes buttons to show/hide CC and reply-to fields.
Dedupe and Match Dedupe now supports dates and picklists for the Group Selection fields
Match functions now include the "Email Domain", "First word", "First 5 letters" and "First 7 letters" functions.
The Custom Merge popup can now be horizontally resized via a handle at the bottom right of the popup.
(Bug fix) Proper support for Record Type fields in deduplication.
Data management The exporter popup (shown via Tools - Export in console and tabular views) now allows selecting fields from the current object as well as objects to which there are lookup fields in the current object.
In the exporter popup (shown via Tools - Export in console and tabular views), hovering over a checkbox shows the API name of the field.
In the dropdown shown in the auto-completers for lookup fields, we now show a callout indicating the full content of the field.

January 2019

Dedupe and Match Support for "combining" fields. Read more.
Document Generation The docx generator conditional merge wasn't accommodating for sublists in secondary templates that aren't in the main template. Now it does.
Data management Behavior change: in the importer, checking "Allow invalid picklist values" still checks for RecordType values. This allows us to import invalid picklist values in data that needs valid record types.
When importing Task records, we now show the WhoId and WhatId fields as candidates so that users can import directly into those fields.
Scheduler In the detail area of a Scheduled Report, a "Test Run" button is now available for running a quick test of your scheduled report.