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Apsona for Non-Profits


Apsona for Salesforce works with all non-profit versions of Salesforce, including the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP), Causeview, Luminate, Affinaquest, NGO Connect, or any application. In addition, if you have installed the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) into your system, Apsona for Salesforce detects the installation automatically and configures itself to show you the objects, fields and functionality for non-profits. This configuration includes: If you have any other non-profit-specific applications installed (such as Causeview or Luminate), the custom objects in those applications are automatically available within Apsona for Salesforce. You can choose the specific objects you want to work within Apsona for Salesforce via the configuration manager.

Pricing for non-profit organizations

The discounted prices below apply to non-profit organizations who have been granted the 501(c)3 status by the United States IRS, or are a recognized charity in the country of the organization. Government agencies or tax-exempt organizations without the 501(c)3 status are not eligible for discounted prices. These prices are effective January 1, 2019.
ProductBase PriceAdditional Users
Apsona for Salesforce
Free trial
See below for donated licenses
$375/year - upto 3 users $125/year/user
Multi-step Reporting
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
Free trial
$420/year - upto 3 users$140/year/user
Dedupe and Match
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
Free trial
$495/year - upto 3 users$165/year/user
Email and Document Merge
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
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$240/year - upto 3 users$80/year/user
Apsona Charting and Dashboards
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
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$360/year - upto 3 users$120/year/user
Batch Gift Entry for Non-profits - NPSP version
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
$540/year - upto 3 users $180/year/user
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
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Please see our Scheduler page
Batch Gift Entry connector for iATS
(Requires Apsona for Salesforce)
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$1,200/year + $500 one-time setup fee

Partner and Community Licenses

We offer volume license pricing for Community and Partner users. Please contact us for details.

Donated licenses

We donate licenses of Apsona for Salesforce to qualifying non-profit organizations.

What is included in the donation?

The donation includes:

What is not included?

The donation includes only Apsona for Salesforce licenses; it does not include any additional products such as Apsona Multi-step Reporting, Email and Document Merge, or Batch Gift Entry. Those products can, however, be purchased at a discount.

Which organizations qualify for donated licenses?

Donations are intended to help smaller non-profit organizations who are unable to afford very many additional expenditures. To be eligible for a donation, an organization:

The license donation process

For a non-profit organization to qualify for the donated licenses, we request the following:
  1. Documentation of non-profit status. This can be, for example, a PDF file containing your 501(c)3 certification. You can send this documentation via e-mail to .
  2. Certification of license count. This can simply be an email to us, telling us the number of Salesforce licenses in your org.
  3. Certification of revenue: Please include in your email the total revenue for your organization for the previous year, as shown in line 12 of your IRS form 990 (or line 9 or form 990EZ). As noted above, this number must not exceed US $250,000 to qualify for donated licenses.
  4. Demonstration of user adoption. This requirement has two intents. One is to enable us to better understand the needs of our users, and thus feed into our product development roadmap. The second is to enhance the adoption of our product among the end-users in your organization, and ensure that the users do indeed find value in our products. To this end, we request the following:
    1. Install and use of Apsona for Salesforce for a trial period. You can install via the "Get it now" button on our product listing on AppExchange. After installing, please have your users try it out for a reasonable period of time, so that they can make an informed assessment of whether it is useful to them. When you first install it, your license will be set by default to expire in 30 days. But if you wish to have a longer trial period, please contact us via e-mail at or via our website, and we will provide a one-time extension of your license for an additional two weeks.
    2. Provide a brief description of use. After your end-users have begun actively using our product, please send us a short description of the common use cases for which you use Apsona for Salesforce. This can be either a short e-mail message or a Word document.

Renewing donated licenses

Donated licenses are renewed annually, based on whether the organization is eligible for donated licenses at the time of renewal.

Licenses are donated so that they may be actively used. Unused licenses will expire one year after donation, so that we may conserve our resources.

We would like to emphasize that our primary goal is to build software that people find useful. To that end, we will make sure that we will keep your licenses alive if you need them. Even if you installed a trial and allowed the license to expire, please let us know if you need it, and we can re-activate it. reserves the right to determine whether an organization qualifies for donated licenses, as well as the number of seats and the period for which donated licenses are valid.