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Email Connector

Email sent through Salesforce is limited to 1,000 messages per day. To circumvent this limitation, Apsona now offers an Email Connector, a component that integrates Apsona with the Email Service Provider mailgun. Using this Connector, you can send much larger numbers of email messages every day, up to hundreds of thousands. They can be either one-off messages such as reminders and subscription confirmations, or they can be personalized or highly-customized emails such as change notifications, thank-you letters, tax summaries, invoices and proposals.

Comparison with similar products

Apsona Email ConnectorMailChimpiContact
Can send large numbers of emails, up to millions per month
Both plain-text and HTML email formats are supported
Can create quick one-off emails
Works directly within your Salesforce org: No external data store is used
Can send emails directly from filtered Contact lists - No need to create separate Campaigns or reports
Can include attachments with sent email
Email can contain a list (e.g., invoice containing list of items purchased)
Can send scheduled email
Library of templates available
Graphical (WYSIWYG) template editor

How to use

Apsona offers the ability to send one-off emails as well as customized emails. When the Email Connector is enabled for your org, all emails sent through Apsona - both one-off and customized - will automatically flow through the Email Connector. There is nothing special you need to do.


Item Regular price For non-profits
Up to 500,000 emails $600 / year $500 / year
Each additional 250,000 emails $300 $250
One-time setup fee $300 $300

Getting started with a trial

To begin a trial of this component, please follow these steps:
  1. Sign up for an account at mailgun. Create a domain under your account for sending emails. This will produce an API Base URL and API Key for that domain, which will be available in your mailgun dashboard.
  2. Install the Apsona Mailgun Connector app from one of these Appexchange links: For production and developer orgs
    For sandbox orgs
  3. In your mailgun account, find and copy the domain name from which to send your email, and your private key.
  4. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup, find Custom Settings and the setting named Apsona Mailgun Creds. Add a new Custom Setting with its name field set to "Mailgun creds", and the Domain Name and Api Key fields set to the values you obtained from the above step. Add the text api: at the left of the key, immediately before key - see the screenshot below. Save the setting.
  5. Send us an email with the org ID of your org.
We will then enable a trial for your org.

Frequently-asked questions


What kinds of emails can I send using this Connector?
You can send all forms of transactional email, such as reminders, monthly statements, invoices and proposals, either in plain text format or in HTML format.
Do I need to upload my contact or campaign data into the Connector or someplace else?
No, you do not. Your Contact and Campaign records remain in your Salesforce database, and need not be copied anywhere. The Email Connector extracts data directly from your Salesforce org, constructs the emails and sends them out.
Do I need to create special Campaign records or reports to use this Connector?
No, you do not. The Email Connector works with Apsona filters and reports, so you can pull data records and send emails directly with Apsona for Salesforce tools.
How do I create an email template?
You can use any HTML editor to create your template. You can then paste it into a Salesforce Email Template record, and use it as part of an Apsona Merge Action.
How do I sign up for this service?
You will need to first set up an account with mailgun. (Note that the cost of the mailgun messages is not included in the above prices.) When you sign up, you will obtain a service URL and an API key. Please provide them to us so that we can send email on your behalf. Contact us for details.
Can I send scheduled mass-emails using this Connector?
Not at this time.
Can I customize the look and feel of the email messages sent by the Connector?
Yes, you can create custom HTML emails using your HTML editor of choice, and incorporate it into your Email Template record in Salesforce.
Can I track email statistics such as bounces, clicks and opens with this Connector?
Yes, you can do so via your mailgun account.
How does the Email Connector affect the Apex API usage of my Salesforce org?
The Email Connector itself uses no Salesforce Apex calls, since the email messages are sent directly to mailgun. All of the necessary calls are invoked by Apsona for creating the mail template or report, so the overall API usage is minimal.


How is the cost of the Email Connector calculated?
The cost is calculated based solely on the number of emails sent. You may purchase a block of 500,000 emails and use them over either just one month or as long as one year, it doesn't matter. When you have used up your emails, you can purchase additional blocks at the price shown above.
Does the price include the cost of the Mailgun account?
No, you will need to pay separately for your Mailgun account.