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Missing objects or fields

The directions below are useful when:

Steps for resolution

To resolve these errors, request your administrator to take these steps:
  1. Ensure that all of the objects and fields in question are accessible to your Salesforce profile.
  2. If any of the fields causing the errors is a lookup field or a detail field in a master-detail relationship, ensure that the object to which the lookup refers is accessible to your Salesforce profile.
  3. In the Apsona Configuration for your profile, ensure that all of the objects and fields are marked as visible. See related documentation for more info about this. (N.B.: A common error in this step is to use the wrong profile. Please make sure that the profile you select in the Apsona configuration editor popup is the one assigned to you.)
  4. After the above steps have been carried out, log out and back in, access the Apsona window, and click Settings - Clear cache to ensure that your browser, check the "Object and field metadata" box in the popup, and click Proceed. Apsona then rebuilds its local information about the objects and fields that you can access.