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Clearing the Apsona cache

Apsona maintains a "cache" containing descriptions of all of the objects, fields and picklists accessible to you in your Salesforce org. The cache is maintained in your browser, in what is technically known as local storage. The intent of this cache is to speed up the initial loading of the Apsona page. If this cache is not available when Apsona starts up, it will have to invoke the Salesforce API for all the object descriptions so that it can build its user interface. This invocation takes additional time and slows down the startup, which is why you see the spinner when it starts up.

But there is a disadvantage to this approach. If you make changes to your Salesforce org, such as adding or removing fields or objects, or changing the values of picklists, Apsona will not know about those changes because it relies on its cache. The result is that you will not find the new fields available for you in the Apsona layout managers or filters, or that the new picklist values will not be available in the Apsona dropdowns. So when you make such changes, you will need to tell Apsona to rebuild its cache. You can do this by clicking Settings - Clear cache (see screen shot below). This will cause Apsona to erase the contents of its cache and start over.