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Apsona Dedupe and Match

  • Quick, easy deduplication of Salesforce records
  • Find matching records from CSV data
  • All in the browser
  • Fast and secure, fully Salesforce-native
30-day free trial
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The Apsona Dedupe and Match add-on is a browser-based tool that offers two major functions for Salesforce users:

Both functions are available on all Salesforce objects (both native and custom objects).

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Key features

The dedupe function

With the dedupe function, you can:

After finding duplicate records, you can

The CSV matching function

With this function, you can:

The function then produces an output CSV file that contains all the data in your input CSV file, and alongside each record, it includes data from the matching records identified based on the criteria you selected.

The CSV matching function does not modify your Salesforce database in any way.

Field matching criteria

The match criteria can be quite sophisticated, and includes

System requirements

The add-on requires Apsona for Salesforce to be available.

Availability and pricing

The add-on is available from the Salesforce Appexchange. To install it, please visit our Appexchange listing and click the Get It Now button.

Pricing information is available on our pricing page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.