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Batch Gift Entry


Apsona Batch Gift Entry is an add-on to Apsona for Salesforce, intended for non-profit organizations who use Salesforce with the Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP). This add-on application streamlines the process of entering gift records into Salesforce. The usual use-case for this facility is where an organization receives check payments from its donors, and these payments need to be manually entered into a "holding area" until they are ready to be committed into real donation and payment records.

If you wish to have it customized for your needs, please get in touch with us.

Features and benefits

The Batch Gift Entry tool was built to provide to Salesforce users many of the features found in other non-profit software systems such as Common Ground, Luminate and Raiser's Edge.

System requirements

To use the Batch Gift Entry tool, you must have Apsona for Salesforce installed.

How to get it

To set up Batch Gift Entry in your Salesforce org:
  1. Ensure that Apsona for Salesforce is installed in your org.
  2. Visit our AppExchange listing for NPSP and click the Get It Now button to install it into your org.

    Please note that this package is different from the base Apsona for Salesforce package. Both packages are needed for Batch Gift Entry to function correctly.
  3. Open Apsona for Salesforce and click the Feedback link on the top right of the banner. Click "License Request" and fill in the box to indicate that you would like Batch Gift Entry enabled for you.
  4. We enable the license right away, and will send you an email to let you know that it is enabled.


Please visit our non-profits page for pricing details.