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Apsona for Salesforce

“If my budget allowed only one additional program from the AppExchange, my choice would be from Apsona.“
– Robert Madsen, DocMagic, Inc.
"I'm not sure how we would survive without Apsona and Multi-step reports. So far we've created reports, Word and Excel merges, a tab using the surrogate object for Tasks and the Apsona version of related lists on layouts. The company's support has been very helpful and responsive."
– Lloyd Leanse, Prager & Co.
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Apsona for Salesforce is an add-on application for available through AppExchange. Its feature set includes everything you would want for managing your data, and is built to enable you to get your work done with the least possible effort.

Productivity features

Sophisticated filtering Filter by fields from related objects, metric functions, and exception conditions. Save your searches as filters and reuse them.
Multiple views of data View your data in list-and-detail, child tabs for related objects, editable grid or calendar views.
Edit in place Edit and update any field in-place, with no loss of context.
Grid editing Choose the fields to show in your grid, edit all of them in one step.
Snappy Web-2.0 interface Highly responsive application - no annoying page refreshes.
Mass update selected fields Choose a set of filtered records, specify fixed values for a set of fields, and update all those fields in all your selected records in one go. Use this, for example, to reassign ownership of Opportunity records.
Mass delete selected records Choose a set of filtered records and delete them all in one go.
Easy-to-use reporting Easily create reports on any object, choosing fields, filters and sort criteria, and export to CSV in one click.

Data management features

Export to CSV Export any cross-section of your data (any object, any filtered set of records, and any subset of fields) into CSV or Excel.
Import from CSV Load new data into any of your objects, whether built-in or custom, with strong duplicate checking.
Update/upsert from CSV Update any fields of any existing data records from CSV data.
Duplicate checking during import Optionally, when duplicates are detected you can choose to either update the existing record or reject the duplicate.
Strong, metadata-driven error checking Ensure that imported data matches expected data types, preventing data corruption.
Works with all objects and fields Supports all built-in objects (e.g., Account, Contact or Forecast) as well as any custom objects and custom fields you may have created.

Functional aspects

Works with most editions Supports Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions of
Entirely browser-based Works within your browser window, and relies purely on browser technology—no Flash, Java or other plugins.
Supports most browsers Works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, as well as Internet Explorer 10 or better.
Minimal application requirements Needs only one VisualForce page and one custom object in your system.