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Multi-step Reporting

Multi-step reporting lets you create powerful reports right within your Salesforce org. No more depending on coding and IT for your reporting needs.

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"Multi-step reporting and the new-ish associated Charts are mission critical tools which solve all kinds of reporting problems. We are saving many times the cost of the licenses in time and avoided manual Excel-based processes."
– Lloyd Leanse, Managing Director, Prager LLC
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Key features and benefits

Use all your objects
Create reports with data from any number of Salesforce objects, both native and custom.
Create reports quickly
Quick, user-friendly, browser-based interface: Simply click and drag to create reports.
No limitations
No need for custom coding, no 2,000 record limit, no need to manage record types, unlike native Salesforce reports.
Use cross-object filtering to slice and segment your data. Get data from parent and child objects without restrictions, unlike native Salesforce reports.
Real-time reporting
Report content matches the upto-the-minute state of your database, since no external store is used.
Join and correlate between objects
Create joined results between data records in different objects right within your report, without resorting to Excel VLOOKUP.

Case studies

Powerful reports without coding
Family House, Inc. uses Apsona Multi-Step Reporting to improve fundraising Read more...
Apsona Multi-Step Reporting shines for complex donation reporting

Comparison with native Salesforce reporting

Salesforce Native ReportsApsona Multi-step Reports
Create and manage Report TypesRequiredNot needed
Object limitsAt most 5 objectsUnlimited
Record count limitsAt most 2,000 records in the viewUnlimited
Lookup traversalParent-to-child onlyNo limitations, can go either parent-to-child or child-to-parent
Cross-object filters (e.g., Accounts with Opportunities in multiple years)Minimal or not supportedFully supported
Chained filters across objects (e.g., Accounts whose Opportunities came from specific campaigns)Not supportedFully supported
Metric filters (e.g., Accounts with Opportunity total value at least $500k)Not supportedFully supported
"Top-n" queries (e.g., Partner Accounts and their top 5 Opportunities)Not supportedFully supported

Prerequisites needed

This app requires Apsona for Salesforce in your Salesforce org.

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