Introducing: Multi-step Reports

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  • Quickly create reports in your browser
  • Use any number of objects, native or custom
  • No coding or IT involvement
  • No need to create/manage report types
  • Instant export to Excel or other spreadsheet


"I am using this great application for several nonprofit clients and I cannot say enough good things about the Apsona and their outstanding support... I highly recommend Apsona!"
– Tal Frankfurt, Cloud for Good
"Apsona is already a fantastic tool for data manipulation. [And] the new multi-step reporting add-on is must-have."
– Judi Sohn, KELL Partners
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Our customers

Apsona for Salesforce

Apsona for Salesforce is an add-on application for®, available through AppExchange®. It makes many routine data management tasks on Salesforce much easier. For example, you can:
  • Quickly find and filter data records with cross-object filtering
  • Export and mass-update data fields in just a few clicks
  • Import data records with a much simpler interface

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Multi-step reports

Multi-step reporting is a new tool for extracting and analyzing data in your instance. You can use it to create quick reports for routine data management needs. Here are some key benefits it offers:
  • Full support for cross-object reporting
  • Supports any number of Salesforce objects, native or custom
  • No need for any coding or IT involvement
  • Entirely browser-based, with no plugins or add-ons needed

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Excel, Word and Email merge

Use the data records in your Salesforce database to merge into Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and email messages.

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Batch gift entry

If you are a non-profit organization that needs to enter gifts into your Salesforce database quickly, this add-on is for you.

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Over the Edge

Migrating your non-profit organization from Raiser's Edge to the Salesforce Non-profit Starter Pack is a snap with this application. Just tell it where to find your Raiser's Edge database and what Salesforce org to migrate it to, and it does the rest, in a matter of minutes.

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