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May 1, 2018
Our friends at Idealist Consulting describe a case study where Apsona was very useful.
October 6, 2016
Joe Rosenthal has a great write-up on linkedin about Apsona's Tabular View.
October 17, 2015
Vered Meir tells us, in her article Apsona: a Salesforce Admin’s BFF, why she loves Apsona for Salesforce.
January 23, 2015
Kim Schaefges at Cloud for Good waxes eloquent in her article, My Favorite Things: Apsona for Salesforce.
August 12, 2014
Idealist Consulting have a very well-written blog entry about peaceful importing with Apsona.
July 17, 2014
Our friends at Redpath Consulting have written up a very nice blog entry about Apsona document merge.
Nov 11, 2013
Apsona products were featured in the Apps for Good webinar series by Cloud for Good.
June 11, 2013
Our friends at Cloud for Good have posted an interesting article, Apsona Multi-Step Reporting: Taking Analytics to the Next Level.
June 8, 2013
Judi Sohn talks about our new Batch Gift Entry app in her article, Introducing Apsona batch gift entry for the Nonprofit Starter Pack.
June 3, 2013
Our friends at the Redpath Consulting Group show how well they like Apsona in their new article, Cloudy's Favorite Apps: Apsona.
May 15, 2013
Over the next several months, Cloud for Good will host a webinar series, Apps for Good, in which Apsona products will be featured.
May 8, 2013
Cloud for Good have a new article, Mail Merges: What Are My Options? describing the mail-merge landscape for non-profits, in which Apsona's document merge feature is discussed.
April 15, 2013
Judi Sohn describes Apsona for Salesforce in her article, Life after Common Ground: Part 6 – Apsona.
April 15, 2013
Francis Scudellari of Cloud for Good writes about Data Migration: Apsona for Salesforce.
April 11, 2013
Peter Bender of Exponent Partners has written up a very nice Comparison of Data Import Tools for Salesforce Users.
March 4, 2013
Larissa Neale of Sputnik Moment draws up a comparison between Demand Tools and Apsona in her article, Mass data updates in Salesforce: Demand Tools vs. Apsona.

Past webinars

Sep 20, 2018
Webinar: Apsona Dedupe and Match

Watch video (30 min)

July 27th, 2017
Webinar: Apsona multi-step reports - hosted by Cloud for Good

Watch video (57 min)

April 27th, 2016
Webinar: Excel reports from Salesforce data using Apsona: a tutorial

Watch video (52 min)

March 29th, 2016
Webinar: Generating documents with Apsona: a tutorial

Watch video (55 min)

June 9th, 2015
Webinar: Apsona Charting: Dashboards and charts for Salesforce

Watch video (43 min)

September 19th, 2014
Webinar: Salesforce reporting with Apsona Multi-step Reports: a tutorial

Watch video (58 min)

August 7th, 2014
Apsona for Salesforce: webinar in the Apps for Good webinar series hosted by Cloud for Good

ReadyTalk recording (45 min)

December 18th, 2013
Merging Salesforce data into Word documents using Apsona for Salesforce

Watch video (32 min)

November 13th, 2013
Apsona for Salesforce: webinar in the Apps for Good webinar series hosted by Cloud for Good

Watch video (1 hour)

September 18th, 2013
Apsona for non-profit organizations (demo for the Austin Salesforce Non-profit User Group)

Watch video (1 hour 20 min)

June 18th, 2013
Batch Gift Entry for the Non-Profit Starter Pack

Watch video (28 min)

September 5th, 2012
Reporting tools for Salesforce

Watch video (1 hour)