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Viewing available objects and fields

Apsona for Salesforce offers a handy way to view all your available objects and their corresponding fields in one view. You can click Settings - Table info to display this view. (The screen shot at right shows the Settings menu for Administrators. Non-admins will see a more limited list of items in the Settings menu.)

This view is a console-view-style display showing, on the left, a list of all the objects that are marked visible in the Apsona Configuration for your profile.

The objects list

Each row in this list shows one visible object, with its label, API name display field. Clicking on a row updates the detail and child tabs, as expected. The Label and API Name columns are searchable via the boxes under the column header. But bear in mind that, unlike everywhere else in Apsona and in Salesforce, searches in this view are case-sensitive.

The Tools menu

With the Tools menu in this view, you can:

The Object details panel

The "Object details" panel on the right provides more details about the object, with its API name, Key field name (i.e., name of its Record ID field) and the name of its display field.

The Fields child tab

This area shows a list of the fields in the selected object. A field appears here only if it is visible to you in your Apsona Configuration as well as in your Salesforce Profile.