ShopAdmin – The easiest way to manage your website's shopping cart

  • Import and update your product and customer data in a few clicks
  • Add, edit and mass-update any data directly from your browser
  • Easily export any cross-section of records and fields you choose
  • Quickly track orders, best customers and top-selling products
  • Handle customer calls instantly using built-in quick search capabilities

Customer testimonials

"All in all an excellent offering. I really like it, and I think it could be quite useful to Zen Cart vendors."
– Scott Wilson, That Software Guy
"It works beautifully!! Thanks sooo much!!!!"
– Amy Moore, Owner, WeddedGlitz
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Quick and easy imports The ShopAdmin importer makes import headaches a distant memory. No more messing with SQL or writing custom code.
Seamless integration Copy the ShopAdmin add-on files into your Zen Cart, OpenCart or osCommerce application, and ShopAdmin does the rest.
Simple data management Add, edit and update batches of product or customer records with no fuss and no errors.
Sophisticated search and export Quickly find data records (orders, customers or products) by multiple criteria. Export filtered records or fields instantly.
Instant, real-time reporting Create your own reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Include any fields you want, from any of your data records.
Dynamic dashboards Set up your own dashboard containing just the reports you need to run your business.
Track all your data in your reports Not just those created after you sign up, unlike with competing products
All in a browser Nothing to download or install on your PC
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Jan 24, 2012: ShopAdmin now supports Zen Cart version 1.5. More details...

ShopAdmin key features

  • Import products, customers and manufacturers directly into your shopping cart database from CSV files
  • Update filtered records in your shopping cart database from CSV files or via batch update
  • Easily edit and add to your data
  • Powerful searching, filtering and reporting capabilities built directly into your shopping cart application
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