Updating product records via import

ShopAdmin lets you update selected fields for a large number of product records in your cart database via the import facility. For instance, you can prepare a CSV file containing a selected set of model numbers, prices and quantities in stock, and update just those fields for the model numbers you specify.

When updating product records via import, you will need at least two fields: a lookup field and one or more fields whose values need updating. The lookup field can either be the Product ID or the Model of the product. The lookup field value uniquely identifies the product record, so no two product records in your cart database can have the same model or Product ID. Maintaining this uniqueness enables you to update your product records by model or product ID, thus simplifying the update process.

The update process

  1. Prepare a CSV file containing the data for lookup field and the fields you wish to update. (You might find it useful to obtain a “starter” CSV file by exporting the product records you wish to update, and then editing this file. You can export product records via the Tools – Export menu item in the Products area.)
  2. From the Products tab, click the Tools button and select “Import/update”.
  3. The update wizard appears, displaying step 1. Choose the Update existing records option. Select the Look up by field – Product ID or Model. Choose the file from which to update the data, or paste the data into the text box. Click “next”.
  4. The update wizard shows step 2. The import to fields are usually prefilled by ShopAdmin. Click “next”.
  5. ShopAdmin validates your data, making sure that the data types match up correctly, e.g., that date values such as “Date available” are correctly specified in each record. If there are no errors, or if you chose the setting to omit erroneous records. it shows step 3, just before the update process begins.
  6. Click the “Import” button. ShopAdmin updates your product records into your shopping cart database, and when done, shows a “Done” button. Click the “Done” button, and you will see the list of product records, with your new product data now in place.

Notes about the CSV file structure

Troubleshooting update errors

ShopAdmin performs several data validity checks during the update process. Here are some errors you might encounter.

In most of these cases, you can simply press the Back button, correct and re-paste your data. When you encounter an error, you might check some common sources of data errors: