Support for custom product fields (MSRP, ISBN etc)

ShopAdmin now includes support for Zen Cart and osCommerce add-ons that provide extra product fields such as MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), dual pricing, MAP (Manufacturer’s Advertised Price) and ebay/Amazon data fields such as ISBN and product dimensions. The modules now supported include:

If your shopping cart database has any of these add-on modules installed, ShopAdmin detects these fields automatically, and makes them available everywhere that you would expect: for searching, filtering, export, import, update and reports.

In fact, ShopAdmin does much more: it automatically detects all fields you have added to your products table, regardless of whether the fields were added by an add-on module or by custom coding within your cart application.

Here are some common situations where you could use these features.

  1. If you have installed the MSRP add-on, you will have the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price field available in your search dropdown (click the thumbnail at right). You can use it to find all products in your database that exceed a minimum MSRP that you can specify.
  2. Similary, if you have the dual-pricing add-on installed, you will see the wholesale price field in the extra fields area, and it will also be available for search, import, export and reporting.
  3. When viewing the details of a product, or adding a new product record via the “Add” button in the Products area, you will see an “Extra fields” region within which all the extra fields in your products table will be available (click the thumbnail at left).
  4. When importing new product records, the new fields are available for import.

As a ShopAdmin user, you don’t need to do anything to get these benefits. The next time you refresh your ShopAdmin window, you will see that the fields created by your add-on modules are available within ShopAdmin. And at some later date, if you decide to install a new add-on (or you include custom code) that creates new fields in your product table, ShopAdmin will automatically detect them and make them available.