ShopAdmin for Zen Cart 1.5

We are happy to announce that Apsona ShopAdmin now supports the new version 1.5 of Zen Cart. If you want to try it out, please visit our downloads page and download the update.

How to install

To install this update, simply download the zip file and unzip its contents into your Zen Cart admin folder. Please remember to preserve the folder structure when doing the unzip. The folders in the zip file are set up to be immediately inside the admin folder, so if you unzip elsewhere, the update will not work.

Update package contents

The zip file contains these two files:


The first file provides an English definition of the text that will appear in the Tools menu in your Zen Admin area. The second file is needed to register ShopAdmin as an add-on into Zen Cart, in accordance with the requirements introduced with the Zen Cart 1.5 version.


Please keep in mind that the new setup removes the existing feature of opening ShopAdmin in a new window. Prior to Zen Cart 1.5, the ShopAdmin add-on would introduce extra code into the menu so that clicking on it would cause ShopAdmin to open in a new window, leaving your Zen Admin area untouched. This feature cannot be preserved with the new Zen Cart version. So, if you want ShopAdmin to open in a new tab or window, you will need to right-click on the menu item and choose “Open in new tab.”