Installing the ShopAdmin add-on into Zen Cart

Quick start

To install the ShopAdmin add-on, you simply download the zip file that you receive when you sign up, and unzip it into the admin folder with the file paths preserved. This zip file is a package containing the following files:


All the files must be copied into your Zen Cart’s admin folder. The only exception is apsona_app_tools_dhtml.php, which must be copied into the folder includes/boxes/extra_boxes under the admin folder. If you simply unzip the package into your admin folder while preserving folder structure, the files will automatically appear in the right places.

If everything is set up correctly, you will see a menu item for Apsona ShopAdmin in the Tools menu of your admin area. If you click on it, a new window will open, and the ShopAdmin user interface will appear in the new window.

Note also that, unlike with many other Zen Cart add-ons, you do not need to run the SQL files included in the package. ShopAdmin automatically detects whether they need to be run, and runs them if necessary. This approach is intentional, so as to make the installation process as easy as possible.


Sometimes the host configuration or the shopping cart setup prevents Apsona ShopAdmin from operating correctly. Here are some common errors and how you might be able to fix them.