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ShopAdmin lets you manage your shopping cart data – customers, orders, products, and product attributes – with a minimum of fuss. You can create new records, edit existing records, import and update data and run reports. All of this happens within a browser, without requiring any custom coding – no need for SQL, HTML or PHP development.

ShopAdmin currently supports the Zen Cart, OpenCart and osCommerce shopping carts.

Getting started with ShopAdmin

ShopAdmin requires a small PHP add-on to be installed into your shopping cart. You can get this add-on when you sign up. The add-on is distributed as a zip file containing several PHP files. To install this add-on, you need only extract the zip file’s contents and copy them into your shopping cart’s admin folder.

New documentation

Multi-language shopping carts
Support for OpenCart

Recent updates

Feb 13, 2011

We have had to fix a few import-related issues with the OpenCart version. Unlike our usual bug fixes, however, this one requires an update to the ShopAdmin extension PHP code installed into the shopping cart. This article in the OpenCart form describes some of the details of the issue and how it is fixed. Please download updated versions of these files from our downloads area and install them into your OpenCart admin folder.

Jan 20, 2011

ShopAdmin now supports Opencart. This is still work in progress. An installation document is available.

Aug 28, 2010

We have updated ShopAdmin with new features and some bug fixes. To make full use of the new features, please download the latest version of the ShopAdmin add-on and install it into your shopping cart. However, you do not need to sign up again – your current ShopAdmin account will automatically work with the updated software.

You can download the latest version of the add-on from our downloads area.

New features added by user request:

Bug fixes and enhancements:

Aug 11, 2010

New features added by user request:

Bug fixes:

July 30, 2010

This release includes several enhancements to product imports in particular, and to imports in general. Here is a short summary of the new capabilities. You can get full details in the product imports document.

There are also several bug fixes and technical enhancements:

July 3, 2010

The product detail view and the product add form have been updated to include the master category. Please click the thumbnail images below for details.

Adding a new product Product details
Previously Now Previously Now

Common tasks

ShopAdmin documentation

Searching and filtering


Adding new data records

Data export

Exporting from tables

Exporting from reports

Data import

  • Import new: importing new data records
  • Import update: Updating existing data records via import
  • Updating existing data records via batch update
  • Import update vs batch update: When to use each