Importing product attributes into Zen Cart or osCommerce


ShopAdmin lets you import or bulk-update a large number of product attributes to be associated with existing product records via a CSV (comma-separated values) file or data stream. By “import” we mean adding new product attributes to existing product records, and by “bulk update” we mean modifying the fields of large number of product attributes in one go.

Importing new product attributes amounts to adding new records into the product attribute table. For example, suppose you want to add the option “Color”, with value “Red” and price $34.99, to your product named “Velour Sheet”. You are specifying the product name to which the attribute is being added, the option and option value being added, and the price of the option value. This is pretty much all you need to specify.

Extending this example, if you want to add three attributes to the Velour Sheet product, your CSV data set might look like this.

Product name Option Option value Option value price
Velour Sheet Color Red $34.99
Velour Sheet Color Blue $31.99
Velour Sheet Color Green $28.99

The import process

  1. Navigate to the product attributes tab and choose the Import/Update item from the tools menu.
  2. The import wizard appears. Paste the CSV data into the box (or choose a CSV file to use) and click “Next”.
  3. The second step of the import wizard appears. Here we match the fields in the CSV file with the system fields, if needed, via the dropdown lists at the top. In this example, we need to match the product name field. After choosing the product name field, click Next.
  4. The system verifies the validity of your data and shows you the last confirmation step for importing. Click the “Import” button.
  5. In a short time, the import is completed, and you can click the “Done” button to get back to the list of product attributes.