Finding products with no attributes

ShopAdmin’s filtering capabilities can be used in many ways. One use of it is to find products that have no attributes, or that have a set number of attributes. To find such products:

  1. Navigate to the products tab, either to the “All products” item or the “Tabular view” item. Choose the “New filter” item in the filters dropdown.
  2. Open the Product Attributes panel in the fields list.
  3. Choose the “# Records” item on which to filter.
  4. Set its condition to be “at most 0″.
  5. Click the “Search” button to find the product records that have no attributes.
  6. Click the “Save as filter” link to save the search condition as a filter, give it a filter name, and click the “Save” button. The new filter will now appear in your list of product filters, and you can invoke it whenever you want, simply by selecting it.