Creating a report: top 10 best-selling product attributes

Here we show an example of how to create a custom report that shows the top 10 best-selling product attributes in your cart database.

Essential steps

  1. Create a new Ordered products report.
  2. Add the product option and product option value fields to the report.
  3. Add the “Record count” metric of the Ordered products record to the report. Change its column name, if you like.
  4. Save and run the report.

Detailed description

  1. In the Ordered products tab, click “Reports” and then click the “New” button.
  2. Type a name for your report.
  3. Set the record range so that only the first ten records are retrieved.
  4. Click the field chooser dropdown and then click to open the “Ordered product attribute” section.
  5. Click the “Option” field so that the product option name gets added to the report.
  6. The report now has the option name field in it.
  7. Similarly, add the option value field of the Ordered product attribute record.
  8. Next, click the “Ordered product” category in the field chooser, so that we can extract the record count (the number of ordered products that contain the given option name and value).
  9. Click the “Metrics” section underneath, and then click the “Record count” entry to add the record count to the report.
  10. The record count field is added to the report.
  11. To rename the column in the report, hover your mouse over the column and click the down-arrow button. This opens a form that lets you change the name of the column.
  12. Type the new column name and click ok.
  13. You now see the three columns in the report. Click the “Sort order” tab so that we can have the report be sorted by record count.
  14. Set the first sort column to be the ordered product count.
  15. Set the radio button to choose descending sort, so that the highest count (most popular) appears at the top of the report.
  16. Click the “Save and run” button.
  17. Your new report runs, and its results are shown.